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What is Simple Possess Sch VI CS M in North Carolina?

By: Bill Powers, Lawyer for Drug Charges in Charlotte NC


Drug charges in North Carolina, whether felony or misdemeanor criminal allegations, can be difficult to understand, especially for people not familiar with the criminal justice system. That’s because under the North Carolina drug laws, there are different categories or schedules of drugs and drug offenses.

Possession of heroin in NC is different than possession of cocaine, just like possession of marijuana is different than possession of MDA, at least as to the respective “schedule” of controlled substance.

If you face criminal drug charges or have been arrested for a violation of the Controlled Substances Act, you may have noticed some odd language on the warrant for arrest in NC or the uniform citation like, “simple possess sch vi cs m” and Googled, “What should I do with my weed charges? What is Sch vi and what does simple possess cs mean?”

“The confusion for people facing criminal charges in Charlotte NC is both normal and completely reasonable. That odd terminology has to do with the antiquated computers for the criminal court system in NC.” Bill Powers

The way the clerks of court enter information into the criminal court computer is limited to a certain number of characters. Think of it like Twitter, except that instead of 140 or 289 characters, there is a lot, lot less room to fit or record the official type of criminal charges into the AOC Administrative Office of the Courts computer database in North Carolina.

Simple Possess Sch VI CS M is an abbreviation for:

  • Simple Possession
  • Schedule VI
  • Controlled Substance
  • Misdemeanor

That sort of makes sense, but for the fact that it might just be easier to enter something more simple like “Possession of Marijuana,” which can be either felony or misdemeanor criminal charges in North Carolina, depending on the amount of marijuana seized and the nature and circumstances of the arrest.

“You can have a small amount of a controlled substance and still be charged with felony possession or possession with intent to sell and deliver, depending on the drug and how it was possessed or packaged.” Bill Powers

People have a lot of different views on marijuana in NC. To some, it's a "gateway" drug that leads to utter downfall and ruin. Others see simple possession of weed and possession of drug paraphernalia like a bong or “vape” or rolling papers as a part of a daily, healthy lifestyle and "no big deal."

And with that dichotomy of thought and personal perspective, we have criminal charges in NC and real-life interactions in court. The system in large measure falls in camp #1. Possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia is illegal. A conviction can entail some pretty serious consequences, resulting in a permanent criminal record.

People facing criminal allegations of simple possession sometimes see the criminalization of marijuana and the associated drug paraphernalia laws in North Carolina as almost laughable, and therefore don't take the criminal charges seriously. . .which is a mistake.

So while it's not an Al Capone-type criminal charge in NC, until such time it becomes legal, the BEST BET is to retain legal counsel with the intent of trying to avoid a conviction, assuming that's possible.

Our Charlotte criminal law firm and defense lawyers help people with criminal allegations in Charlotte, North Carolina, Monroe, in Union County, Statesville and Mooresville, in Iredell County, Salisbury, in Rowan NC.

Iredell County, like many North Carolina Judicial Districts, are comprised of some small towns, with the incumbent small-town sensibilities. In rural North Carolina, it's not at all unusual in towns like Troutman or Cherryville to see the names of people charged with criminal offenses, both felony or misdemeanor, called out in the local newspaper. Indeed, some small-town newspapers list traffic offenses like speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, and stop sign violations.

Either way, talk to a criminal defense lawyer. Many, if not most, criminal lawyers in NC provide a FREE CONSULTATION. It doesn't cost anything to call, ask questions, and determine what options are available.

How to handle drug charges in North Carolina. Understanding NC drug charges, allegations of possession of controlled substances North Carolina, and Schedule VI Possession. CarolinaAttorneys.com - Criminal Defense Lawyers in Charlotte NC providing legal help.

There are different schedules of “controlled substances” in North Carolina. It’s a good idea to understand that drug charges in NC criminal court, are technically different from federal drug charges as brought by the United States of America. “Schedule VI” is the controlled substance of marijuana in North Carolina.

While the NC drug laws are a bit complicated and difficult to understand, you can find the different types or schedule of controlled substances in Article 5 of the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act .

  • Schedule I
    • Fentanyl
    • Hallucinogens
    • Systemic Depressants
    • NBOMe compounds
    • Synthetic cannabinoids
  • Schedule II
    • Raw Opiates – Plant Derivatives
    • Cocaine
    • Amphetamines
  • Schedule III
    • LSD Lysergic Acid
  • Schedule IV
    • Depressants
    • Stimulants
  • Schedule V
    • Substances with a “low potential for abuse relative to the substances listed in Schedule IV”
    • Relevant to amount
  • Schedule VI
    • Marijuana
    • Tetrahydrocannabinols

**Please note, the above Schedule controlled substances in NC is only partial, as it is a expansive list. Click each Schedule for a link to the appropriate drug laws in North Carolina.

At our law offices in Charlotte NC, we help people with possession of marijuana criminal charges and simple possession of marijuana. Our defense lawyers also help people if they’ve been charged with Drug Trafficking in North Carolina, Possession with Intent to Sell and Deliver and other drug distribution criminal charges.

Even a false accusation of possession of drug paraphernalia or possession of marijuana can end up in criminal charges in North Carolina. As you can see, the NC drug laws are broad and prohibit a wide range of controlled substances, including prescription medications.

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Our criminal defense lawyers Charlotte NC explain what to do when arrested for drug charges or issued a criminal citation for possession charges. Given the complexity of criminal cases, bringing in a defense lawyer is quite important.

A conviction on drug offenses in North Carolina or a “possession charge,” can have long-term consequences, including making it difficult to find or keep a good job.

Board-Certified criminal defense lawyer Bill Powers (by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification / National Board of Trial Advocacy) is available for legal consultation and legal representation for criminal charges in Charlotte NC and the surrounding Charlotte-Metro criminal courts.

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Our Charlotte criminal defense lawyers are set up to take quick action on protecting our clients against serious charges like those described above. The process of gathering evidence and securing witness contact information and statements can be vital to defending our clients.

Remember that all statements to our criminal lawyers are protected by the attorney-client relationship, including the FREE initial lawyer consultation.

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