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License Points vs Insurance Points for Traffic Tickets in North Carolina

Traffic tickets in NC, especially if they’re considered moving violations, are often assigned a specific point value.  License Points vs Insurance Points can be a big deal, depending on the type and severity of the traffic ticket. . .and if you’re convicted – Bill Powers 

Insurance points are not necessarily the same as motor vehicle points, although for NC traffic tickets, they’re related at least in part.  It’s also true that the amount of points issued are not always exactly equal.  So for something like passing a stopped school bus ticket, it’s important to consider how the “points” could affect your driver’s license in North Carolina and your insurance premiums.

Modified Transcript of “Illegal Possession of Alcohol” for the Hearing Impaired:

As a parent I understand that when your loved one, normally a child, gets a ticket or gets arrested for an underage possession of alcohol charge, you may have questions.

Modified Transcript of “Developing Legal Theories in North Carolina” for the Hearing Impaired:

The truth is no two cases are exactly alike.

Modified Transcript of “Keeping Legal Secrets Secret” for the Hearing Impaired

Commentary by lawyers on public venues, such as on some social media, specifically about certain cases is just now allowed.

We’re just not allowed to disclose certain confidences and trust me there are times I wish we could because we can be a target for things.

Modified Transcript of “Honest Legal Answers in North Carolina” for Hearing Impaired:

I would not be a good lawyer if I didn’t tell you that a theory did not apply or that someone’s understanding of what they thought the law was doesn’t apply in North Carolina.

What may have been the law in New York is not necessarily the law in the land of North Carolina.

North Carolina Advocates for Justice NCAJ Summer Convention 2015 takes place June 13, 2015 SATURDAY until June 16, 2015 MONDAY in Sunset Beach North Carolina.

Convention facilities are located at:

Sea Trail Resort

Modified Transcription of “Charlotte Jury Trial Attorney” for the Hearing Impaired:

People ask me what I do for a living, and my first response is, I help people.

I help people charged with serious crimes, but it’s not limited to a particular type.

Modified Transcript of “Experienced Legal Advice for Criminal Charges in Charlotte” for the Hearing Impaired:

The vast majority of the cases in North Carolina are plead out.  After reviewing discovery and evaluating the merits of the case, sometimes that’s the best choice.

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Modified Transcript of “Calendaring Criminal Traffic and DWI Cases in Charlotte” for Hearing Impaired:

The calendaring of criminal cases in North Carolina is a somewhat complicated process, and that’s because there are differences between misdemeanor cases and felony charges, as well as between jurisdictions.

Larger jurisdictions such as Mecklenburg or Wake County, Guilford, those have more courtrooms.

Modified Transcript of “How to Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney in Charlotte” for the Hearing Impaired:

I get asked on a pretty regular basis how do you choose a lawyer?

  • What things should you look for?
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