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It may seem a bit unusual for a Charlotte DWI lawyer to share an LYFT coupon code.

If we can help limit the incidences of impaired driving, DWI-related fatalities, and felony criminal charges due to impaired driving (DUI / DWI), we’d prefer you to be safe-and-sound.

Don’t take a chance with holiday cheer.  Don’t drink and drive.  Call LYFT and save $10 on your ride this holiday season.

If I say “hey” and smile, I’m genuinely glad to see you.  But I’m not going to shake your hand.  Should I go to court if I am sick?

Greeting my friend Tom, a Gastonia lawyer in court this morning, I offered him an “elbow bump.”

He at first looked quizzically at me, then quickly bumped elbows saying:

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