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If we can help limit the incidences of impaired driving, DWI-related fatalities, and felony criminal charges due to impaired driving (DUI / DWI), we’d prefer you to be safe-and-sound.

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No one is a proponent of ‘drunk driving,’ especially DWI attorneys.  I’m the guy who sits next to you in court.  I see the mental anguish impaired driving causes families, victims, and clients – Bill Powers, DWI Lawyer Charlotte NC

Indeed, many if not most people charged with DWI don’t intend to drive while impaired.

How to avoid a DWI in Charlotte over the holidays

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NC Governor’s Safety Highway Program

Governor Cooper’s highway safety program (NCGSHP) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation / Division of Motor Vehicles “NCDMV” is dedicated to working to reduce the number of traffic fatalities and crashes in North Carolina.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Charlotte

The program encourages efforts to reduce car crashes, accidents, and wrecks in North Carolina, including limiting fatalities associated with drunk driving in NC.

NCGHS also promotes safety awareness issues on the highway through different types of grants and initiatives related to safe driving practices.

Grants include programs including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Booze It and Lose It
  • Watch for Me NC
  • Click It or Ticket
  • Speed a Little, Lose a Lot

Traffic Safety issues in North Carolina involve “drunk driving,” otherwise known by the general public as impaired driving, driving under the influence, DWI, or DUI, speeding, bicycle safety, motorcycle safety, and the NC seat belt laws, pedestrian crossing, and other related, important aspects of safety in North Carolina.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Program also assists in funding the North Carolina Vision Zero Initiative.

Vision Zero seeks the admirable goal of zero deaths on North Carolina roadways, using data-driven safety interventions, community involvement, and education efforts.

What is Booze It and Lose It?

#BoozeItLoseIt is a law enforcement lead, DWI (driving while subject to an impairing substance) campaign intended to educate the general public and enforce the NC DWI laws.

It includes enhanced enforcement of DWI in Charlotte and throughout all of North Carolina, which may include things such as saturation patrols, DWI checkpoints, and license checkpoints.

Negligence is Not an Accident

Booze It and Lose It also uses social media, television, and other media to reach out to drivers to warn them about the dangers of drunk driving. 

How much does a DWI cost?

While most people understand legal fees for DWI charges are to be expected, you may not understand the true, full cost of a DWI arrest.

DWI charges often have unexpected consequences.  Even getting arrested and accused carry a tremendous social stigma – Bill Powers, DWI Lawyers Charlotte NC

First offense impaired driving penalties, or what some states refer to as “DWI FIRST,” can in certain circumstances result in Jail or Prison Time.

I lost a client

There are factors the Court considers if you are convicted of driving while impaired in North Carolina.

Those may include, as described in the NC DWI Laws:

  1. Factors in Aggravation
    • Grossly Aggravating Factors
    • Aggravating Factors
  2. Factors in Mitigation
    • Mitigating Factors

GAF or Grossly Aggravating Factors include consideration by the Court, upon conviction or guilty plea a prior history/conviction(s) for impaired driving, serious bodily injury resulting from DWI, child passenger under the age of 18, and license revocation or suspension due to a prior conviction of DWI, DUI, or impaired driving offense in North Carolina or another state.

If you have questions about the penalties associated with Driving While Impaired in North Carolina, we recommend you review the NC DWI Quick Reference Guide.

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