Drunk Driving Accidents in Charlotte NC

Personal Injury Lawyers in Charlotte North CarolinaThe likelihood of accidents involving alcohol, permanent injuries, and wrongful death claims associated with drunk driving in Charlotte continues to increase at a disturbing rate.  The numbers don’t lie.

There is an inverse relationship between drunken driving arrests and “accidents.”  Put simply, alcohol-related fatalities (wrecks) increase as DWI arrests decrease.

DWI enforcement in Mecklenburg County has dropped substantially in recent years.  Arrests for drunk driving have declined by nearly 2/3rds, with 4,101 arrests in 2003 and only 1,415 Mecklenburg DWI arrests in 2018.

Why are DWI arrests in Charlotte down again for 2018? 

Is there an UBER effectIs the general public more aware of the dangers of drunk driving and choosing to take a cab?

Are Charlotte DWI arrests and wreck statistics consistent with the rest of North Carolina?  Are DWI related accidents and fatalities decreasing, indicating enhanced enforcement and education are working?

Drunk Driving Wrecks Are Not “Accidents”

Are fewer people injured in car accidents related to the consumption of alcohol?  Are fewer motorists getting killed on our roadways because Charlotte has essentially solved the DWI problem?

Are police officers in Charlotte purposely ignoring alcohol-related driving offenses?  Has there been a conscious decision not to enforce traffic laws, especially Driving While Impaired in Mecklenburg County (or the DUI laws in NC)?

The numbers are difficult to refute or otherwise ignore.  The number of DWI arrests in Mecklenburg County has decreased, substantially, in the last 15 years.   Some might even infer the statistics are abysmal, even with a kind assessment – Bill Powers, Accident Attorney

State Troopers report, “[T]hey’re seeing more fatalities in crashes where alcohol was a factor.”

Year                                       # DWI Arrests in Mecklenburg County NC

2003                                       4101

2004                                       3817

2005                                       4079

2006                                       3548

2007                                       3546

2008                                       3744

2009                                       3672

2010                                       3547

2011                                       3648

2012                                       2804

2013                                       2547

2014                                       2811

2015                                       2231

2016                                       1739

2017                                       1623

2018                                       1415

With Charlotte’s booming population, limited public transportation, and off-the-chart “miles driven” metrics, enforcement actions of every kind should be more, not less in number.

What are the Alcohol-Related fatality numbers in Mecklenburg County?

According to statistics maintained by the NC Governor’s Highway Safety Program, deadly accidents involving the consumption of alcohol rose sharply both within the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County between calendar years 2014 and 2017.

Media reports indicate fatalities related to alcohol consumption (which may or may not constitute drunk driving or bringing DWI driving while impaired charges) reportedly rose from 29 fatalities (in 2014) to 51 roadway deaths in 2017.  **2018 deadly crash numbers are not yet available.

“Drunk Driving Deaths Skyrocket in 2018”

The reasonable conclusion is this:  Stop enforcing DWI laws, start killing more people.

Accident Lawyers in Charlotte NC – Bill Powers

Unfortunately, the developing trend is that more-and-more Charlotte (and Charlotte Metro Region) motorists will be injured, or killed in an alcohol-related accident.

Given the physics of motor vehicle collisions, especially those involving motorcycles, 18-wheelers / trucking accidents, and large disparities in mass/weight, it’s reasonable to assume Charlotte will also see an increased percentage of wrongful death claims, TBI traumatic brain injuries, and Catastrophic Loss lawsuits.

Our law firm has substantial experience handling matters involving driving while impaired, both as civil Plaintiff’s Lawyers and criminal defense attorneys.  It helps to understand the pharmacological aspects of alcohol and its effects on the human body.

Indeed, it’s extremely helpful if your accident attorney fully understands the criminal court presentation of DWI charges, making certain to focus on breath or blood tests, field sobriety tests, and “breathalyzer results.” 

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