Charlotte Court Cases – COVID UPDATE

Criminal defense lawyers in Charlotte, prosecutors, clerks of court, law enforcement, and the legal professionals associated with court CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN CHARLOTTE NCoperations in North Carolina are on the front lines helping people during trying times.

The Chief District Judge in Mecklenburg County, the Honorable Elizabeth Trosch, advises Charlotte Lawyers she has contracted the Coronavirus.

We wish Judge Trosch and everyone who has contracted the Coronavirus a speedy recovery.

Charlotte Court Cases – COVID Update – Court Calendars

After months of no jury trials in NC, the first jury trial in Charlotte (felony trafficking charges) ended in a mistrial due to potential COVID-19 exposure.  Trials by jury have largely been on “hold” pursuant to an Order by the Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court.

This morning, December 8, 2020, the Mecklenburg County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association announced substantive changes to court calendaring and the disposition of criminal charges in Charlotte.

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The following protocols are to be implemented in short order:

  • Criminal Charges in Charlotte District Court are suspended effective Monday, December 14, 2020. Such legal issues may involve DWI charges in Charlotte and other misdemeanor matters involving allegations of assault, misdemeanor drug charges, possession, and other matters in the jurisdiction of a District Court Judge in Charlotte.
  • All Jury Trials for felony criminal charges in Charlotte (including misdemeanor appeals from District Court) are suspended until mid-January. A date certain for scheduling jury trials for felonies and misdemeanors remains outstanding.

What does Indicted Mean?  

  • Superior Court matters for felonies involving Administrative Court, including bond hearings, guilty pleas, and other administrative matters for felony or misdemeanor charges, in the jurisdiction of Superior Court, will continued to be heard and calendared for disposition. The policies and procedures for Mecklenburg County Superior Court matters, subject to existing COVID-19 protocols, Governor’s Orders, Orders of the Chief Justice, and the NC Constitution remain in effect.

  • The “Duty Desk” as maintained by the Office of the District Attorney for the 26th Judicial District in Mecklenburg County is closed, effective immediately. No date has been set for re-opening the “duty desk.”  As such, assistant DA’s in Charlotte will not meet with members of the general public at the Duty Desk located within the Charlotte Clerk of Court’s Office on the 2nd Floor of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.

Should I hire a lawyer in Charlotte?

As essential personnel as defined by Governor Cooper’s Executive Order(s), our lawyers and law firm will remain open for business and available for legal consultation.

While one is not required to retain legal counsel for speeding tickets, traffic citations, and felony or misdemeanor criminal charges, our firm has continued to effectively serve our clients during the Coronavirus.

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We are able to attend to certain matters by video-conference, including negotiating traffic citations and other “waivable” matters in consultation with the appointed Assistant District Attorney, assigned District Court Judge, and Clerks of Court.

Our Charlotte lawyers are also able to attend, subject to the rules for Administrative Court in Superior Court in Charlotte for felony charges, plea settings, bond hearings, and other TCA Trial Court Administrator hearings in Mecklenburg County.

We think retaining legal counsel for DWI charges, felony charges, and misdemeanor charges in Charlotte is always a good idea.  That’s just as true now as it was before the Coronavirus – Bill Powers, Criminal Defense Lawyer in Charlotte

Will my case be continued?  

Many if not most matters may be continued due to COVID court operations in Charlotte.

That does not necessarily mean all matters are automatically continued or set-off for hearing at a later date.

Since the ‘COVID’ shutdown, we have been making court appearances on behalf of clients on a regular basis.  As essential court personnel we may in certain circumstances be able to proceed on the behalf of clients – Bill Powers, DWI Defense Lawyer Charlotte NC

It’s extremely important to note the procedures, protocols, and local rules regarding the disposition of legal matters in Charlotte NC may substantially differ from surrounding judicial districts.

Legal matters in Monroe NC (Union County), Iredell County (Mooresville and Statesville NC), Gastonia (Gaston County), and Lincolnton NC and Salisbury NC (Rowan County) are subject to their individual local rules, procedures, and Orders of the Court.

Jury trials in NC are subject to the Order of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  Local jurisdictions are presently required to put a plan in place to protect jurors, witnesses, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and criminal lawyers before setting matters for trial by jury.

Charlotte DWI Defense Lawyers – Criminal Defense Attorneys in Charlotte NC

 If you stand accused of criminal charges, whether it be for a felony or misdemeanor charge, we would like to help you.

Clearly, the court system in North Carolina has been impacted by the Coronavirus.

The full-effect of continuing cases, discontinuing jury trials, and limiting appearances are yet to be determined.

I think it’s fair to say COVID-19 and the Coronavirus have tested our system of justice like never before.  Legal professionals, system-wide, remain dedicated to helping people and doing their jobs – Bill Powers, DWI Lawyer Charlotte NC

Courts remain open, subject to certain limitations.

We believe it prudent to press on, protecting legal interests, filing motions, obtaining discovery, and ensuring evidence is properly collected and preserved.

NC Supreme Court Orders – Emergency Directives COVID 

If you have criminal allegations in Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Gaston, Iredell, or Rowan County, please call now to schedule a confidential consultation.

How do I hire a lawyer? 

Our criminal defense lawyers remain available for legal consultations subject to COVID-19 safety protocols and Executive Orders by the Governor and/or the Chief Justice.

What you disclose to defense counsel is secret.  Consultations are subject to attorney-client privilege and remain private.

That applies to criminal charges as well as other legal consultations involving separation and divorce, accident cases (personal injury), and legal matters at Powers Law Firm PA.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Court Operations Information 

The fact you consulted with one of our divorce lawyers in Charlotte also is confidential and therefore treated as secret by family law attorneys.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer? 

Many criminal charges allow for a free consultation.

A legal consultation is not the same as obtaining legal advice and/or a formal legal opinion from defense counsel.

We do not charge legal fees to answer basic background questions for criminal defense.

We will provide general information about possible legal representation for criminal charges, felony or misdemeanor, including DWI charges in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina.

Family law matters, including child custody, equitable distribution, visitation, and support are not free.

The firm charges a consultation fee, a True General Retainer, and hourly rates for family law legal representation (separation, divorce, etc.), including civil 50B Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO) matters.

What is a 50B – Domestic Violence Protective Order? 

Accident cases, car wrecks, and other “personal injury” may allow for a contingency fee when the legal inquiry involves making a civil claim for damages against a negligent party.

That is not true for criminal charges or family law matters.

If facing criminal charges (including traffic tickets) related to an accident or wreck, such as felony death by vehicle, DWI, reckless driving, and the like, legal counsel cannot proceed on a contingency fee basis.  Legal fees apply.

Each case, like each client, is unique.

If you have questions regarding consulting with Powers Law Firm PA about your individual legal matter, please call now:  704-342-4357

When should I hire a Divorce Lawyer?  

Prior to speaking with an attorney, the firm may wish to confirm availability for representation and/or conduct a “conflict check.”

Our DWI defense lawyers in Charlotte are available for statewide representation.  Legal fees are subject to considerations including such things as the severity of the allegations, whether a fatality is involved, travel to and from the jurisdiction, etc.

South Carolina DUI defense is subject to similar considerations, as well as the availability of legal counsel for representation.

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