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Not long after publishing our most recent update on Coronavirus and NC Courts, the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court issued AM I REQUIRED TO GO TO COURT?Emergency Directives supplementing prior Orders regarding court operations.

Most notably, Justice Beasley in her Order:

  1. Clarifies there will not be Jury Trials in North Carolina likely through at least the end of September 2020; and,

Is Court Closed in Charlotte?Inclement weather in the Carolinas can make for anxious times.  It’s more than just black ice and downed trees.  If you have court appearance coming up, wondering what to do can be a problem.   

If you have criminal charges pending or a scheduled court appearance date for DWI charges in Charlotte, failure to appear as directed can result in the issuance of an Order for Arrest or “OFA.”

The Clerk of Court may also record a Failure to Appear (FTA) that if reported back to NC DMV can result in problems with your driver’s license in North Carolina.

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