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Body Camera LawPrior to the passage of HB 972, the “Body Camera Bill” in 2015, there were legitimate concerns about the law and how it would be applied.

Given the maelstrom that now exists in the Queen City regarding yet another “officer-involved shooting,” and the lack of transparency in the turning-over of video, reasonable minds may ask, “Do we need to revisit the NC body camera laws?”

The law regarding Law Enforcement Agency Recordings, as set forth in N.C.G.S. 132-1.4A, and its interpretation, has been at best problematic.  Police departments only reluctantly turn over video.  Officers fail to activate recording equipment.

Criminal-Defense-Lawyers-300x200Charlotte is on track to set a new homicide record in 2019.

While quite a dubious distinction in and of itself, the developing metric fails to express the full nature and extent of a much larger problem in Mecklenburg County.

The overall crime rate and criminality are on the verge of becoming all-consuming issues for citizens, politicians, and the media in our beloved, friendly southern town.

We always want to make sure that if somebody comes into our Carolina criminal defense law office, as a potential client, they are treated like a family member. So often people talk about this being a service industry, and yes, it sounds kind of odd because you think about Carolina criminal lawyers having these diplomas on their wall, and you’re saying to yourself, “Well, he’s probably going to talk down and be very patronizing to their clients.” No. If anything, we’re the listeners. We want to make sure that this person’s opinion is very very valued, and it helps us in defending them.


Can I Dismiss Charges?  What Happens If I Don’t Want to Prosecute? Do I Get a Say?  Who Decides?

Can you drop the charges? Not really. Can the State choose not to prosecute? Yes, in large measure it’s their decision – Bill Powers

Prosecutors sometimes consider and weigh these case facts before deciding to prosecute an individual:


Is it a big deal to be charged with underage possession?  Well, that depends on what you think is a “big deal?” – Attorney Bill Powers 

While underage possession of alcohol  charges may not have resulted in an arrest, they can be rather embarrassing in the future, especially if you are applying for a job or even graduate school.

Employers generally prefer not to see anything on a Criminal History or Record; but, how someone responds when they made a mistake can actually make a difference.

What is a Pre-Trial Limited Driving Privilege? Am I Eligible to Drive? How to get a Limited Driving Privilege

Under North Carolina Law, and under limited circumstances, the Court may authorize a Pre-Trial Limited Driving Privilege during a period of suspension – Bill Powers

See Sample : Pre-Trial Limited Driving Privilege

What is required for a Pardon

Actual Innocence.  Setting Aside a Jury Verdict and Criminal Conviction.  What is required for a Pardon in North Carolina?

Twenty-seven years behind bars: 9,855 days,  236,520 hours, 14,191,200 minutes locked away in a prison. . .all the while being completely innocent of the charges levied.  That’s what happened to Edward McInnis.

He was accused by law enforcement of a heinous crime.  The Office of the District Attorney at the time reviewed the evidence and prosecuted.  At trial, twelve members of the community found Mr. McInnis Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.  Afterward the Court Entered Judgment, Committing Mr. McInnis to Prison for what was supposed to be the rest of his life.

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