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I Made Some Mistakes in the Past:  What Are My Options? How Do I Clean Up My Criminal Record

  • Sometimes people assume matters automatically drop off a record after the expiration of time
  • While that may be true in some states, North Carolina has specific rules and policies regarding clearing a record

What is required for a Pardon

Actual Innocence.  Setting Aside a Jury Verdict and Criminal Conviction.  What is required for a Pardon in North Carolina?

Twenty-seven years behind bars: 9,855 days,  236,520 hours, 14,191,200 minutes locked away in a prison. . .all the while being completely innocent of the charges levied.  That’s what happened to Edward McInnis.

He was accused by law enforcement of a heinous crime.  The Office of the District Attorney at the time reviewed the evidence and prosecuted.  At trial, twelve members of the community found Mr. McInnis Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.  Afterward the Court Entered Judgment, Committing Mr. McInnis to Prison for what was supposed to be the rest of his life.

The North Carolina General Assembly Ratified and Governor Pat McCrory signed New North Carolina Expunction of Records Law “Senate Bill 233”

  • Effective Date December 1, 2015
  • Applies to Offenses Filed on or after December 1, 2015
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