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Is it a big deal to be charged with underage possession?  Well, that depends on what you think is a “big deal?” – Attorney Bill Powers 

While underage possession of alcohol  charges may not have resulted in an arrest, they can be rather embarrassing in the future, especially if you are applying for a job or even graduate school.

Employers generally prefer not to see anything on a Criminal History or Record; but, how someone responds when they made a mistake can actually make a difference.

North Carolina Law Talk – Summer 2016

Attorneys Mike Daisley and Bill Powers discuss developing trends and provide legal commentary on North Carolina Law issues.  If you have general questions about how the legal system works in North Carolina, please feel free to contact Mike and Bill at:

Mike Daisley:

What is a Search?  Are “Frisks” Legal?  When Can Police Pat You Down?

. . .[I]t is nothing less than sheer torture of the English language to suggest that a careful exploration of the outer surfaces of a person’s clothing all over his or her body in an attempt to find weapons is not a ‘search.’  – Terry v. Ohio

What is a “Seizure?”

Powers Law Firm PA Included in Best Law Firms List (2)

Powers Law Firm PA Included in Best Law Firms List

Powers Law Firm PA, a Charlotte-Metro based law firm recently received notice it has been included in the 2016 U.S. News – Best Lawyers  ® “Best Law Firms” publication.  The firm has been named a Charlotte Tier 1 “Best Law Firms” for the area of DUI / DWI Defense.  Bill Powers is also listed individually within the The Best Lawyers in America 2016 publication for his work in DUI / DWI Defense and Criminal Defense:  General Practice.

Best Lawyers Award Badge
According to Best Lawyers ®

Modified Transcript of “Legal Information: Assault on Female Charges” in North Carolina for the Hearing Impaired:

Article 8 “Assaults,” as described in Chapter 14 of the North Carolina General Statutes, cover a wide range of different conduct.  The most basic form or “simple assault” is not specifically defined by the North Carolina general assembly website.  That indeed may seem a bit odd.  Rather, the Courts and to some extent Common Law have defined an assault as:

Modified Transcript of “Keeping Legal Secrets Secret” for the Hearing Impaired

Commentary by lawyers on public venues, such as on some social media, specifically about certain cases is just now allowed.

We’re just not allowed to disclose certain confidences and trust me there are times I wish we could because we can be a target for things.

Modified Transcript of “Honest Legal Answers in North Carolina” for Hearing Impaired:

I would not be a good lawyer if I didn’t tell you that a theory did not apply or that someone’s understanding of what they thought the law was doesn’t apply in North Carolina.

What may have been the law in New York is not necessarily the law in the land of North Carolina.

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