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Hidden Consequences of a Criminal Record:  What Happens When Convicted of a Felony?  Is One Forever Branded a Criminal?

The etymology of the word “felon” is to some extent uncertain.  In Latin, fel is thought be associated with gall or poison.  Old French defines felon as an evil-doer, scoundrel, traitor, rebel, oath-breaker, and the Devil.

In early English law, a felony could be a crime punishable by death or mutilation and forfeiture of lands and goods.

Modified Transcript of “Legal Information: Assault on Female Charges” in North Carolina for the Hearing Impaired:

Article 8 “Assaults,” as described in Chapter 14 of the North Carolina General Statutes, cover a wide range of different conduct.  The most basic form or “simple assault” is not specifically defined by the North Carolina general assembly website.  That indeed may seem a bit odd.  Rather, the Courts and to some extent Common Law have defined an assault as:

Modified Transcript of “Assault and Battery Charges” for the Hearing Impaired:

There are different types of assault. There’s simple assault, there’s assault on a female, there’s assault on a government official, there’s assaults on children, and sometimes they’re felonious assaults that have the potential for long term prison sentences.

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