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Modified Transcript of “Legal Information: Assault on Female Charges” in North Carolina for the Hearing Impaired:

Article 8 “Assaults,” as described in Chapter 14 of the North Carolina General Statutes, cover a wide range of different conduct.  The most basic form or “simple assault” is not specifically defined by the North Carolina general assembly website.  That indeed may seem a bit odd.  Rather, the Courts and to some extent Common Law have defined an assault as:

Modified Transcript of “Assault and Battery Charges” for the Hearing Impaired:

There are different types of assault. There’s simple assault, there’s assault on a female, there’s assault on a government official, there’s assaults on children, and sometimes they’re felonious assaults that have the potential for long term prison sentences.

“Probable cause for an arrest has been defined to be a reasonable ground of suspicion supported by circumstances sufficiently strong in themselves to warrant a cautious man in believing the accused to be guilty…. To establish probable cause the evidence need not amount to proof of guilt, or even to prima facie evidence of guilt, but it must be such as would actuate a reasonable man acting in good faith.” 5 Am.Jur.2d, Arrest § 44 (1962); State v. Harris, 279 N.C. 307, 182 S.E.2d 364 (1971).

Probable Cause Hearings in North Carolina

Modified Transcript of “Probable Cause to Arrest DWI” for Hearing Impaired:

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