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South Carolina defense lawyers:  Legal fees for legal representation on a Criminal Charge

If you are looking for law firms in Rock Hill, SC who handle criminal charges and would like to talk to an experienced defense lawyer, we are here to help.

Can I get more time to comply with Deferred Prosecution?  Do I Need a Continuance?  What are my Options?

You may have to explain the nature and the circumstances of your financial condition and why you need more time – Bill Powers 

  • Court Costs apply in Superior and District Court in North Carolina

How Much Do You Know About License Revocations in North Carolina


Take Our Quiz: How Much Do You Know About License Revocations

Given the importance of a valid driver license, I’m always amazed when someone does not take a ticket seriously – Bill Powers 

Cleaning Up Your Record.  Dealing with the Courts and DMV.  What Happens If I Pay Off Old Tickets in North Carolina?

The first step is to figure out what is out there on a statewide basis.  One should be careful to consider how tickets can affect one another – Bill Powers 

See More:  Missed Court and New Tickets, What Happens

License Points vs Insurance Points for Traffic Tickets in North Carolina

Traffic tickets in NC, especially if they’re considered moving violations, are often assigned a specific point value.  License Points vs Insurance Points can be a big deal, depending on the type and severity of the traffic ticket. . .and if you’re convicted – Bill Powers 

Insurance points are not necessarily the same as motor vehicle points, although for NC traffic tickets, they’re related at least in part.  It’s also true that the amount of points issued are not always exactly equal.  So for something like passing a stopped school bus ticket, it’s important to consider how the “points” could affect your driver’s license in North Carolina and your insurance premiums.

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