What are legal fees for a Carolina criminal case?

South Carolina defense lawyers:  Legal fees for legal representation on a Criminal Charge

If you are looking for law firms in Rock Hill, SC who handle criminal charges and would like to talk to an experienced defense lawyer, we are here to help.

It doesn’t matter if the case is Felony vs. Misdemeanor, our law office helps people with criminal defense cases from simple traffic tickets, to DUI charges in Ft. Mill, to criminal drug charges and trafficking allegations, all the way to murder and manslaughter cases.

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The first step is to determine how a SC criminal defense lawyer can help.  The second important thing to do is figure out the legal fees for criminal charges.

While the consultation doesn’t cost anything and our law firm will give you FREE legal advice about how the legal system works and what we think should be done in criminal court, legal representation ultimately requires an attorney-client relationship.  And unless you have an appointed defense lawyer or public defender, that means there will be legal fees for the defense of your criminal charges.

You may have questions like:

  • Do defense lawyers take payments or allow payment plans?
  • How long will I have to pay my criminal defense lawyer?
  • Are there other fees or charges with legal representation?
  • What are court costs for criminal cases in South Carolina?

Question 1:  How are legal fees set for South Carolina criminal charges?  Does it matter if it’s Felony vs. Misdemeanor?  What do defense lawyers charge in Rock Hill, SC?

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South Carolina fees, for us, are set on a couple of different factors. One, what is the person charged with? How serious is it?

Is it a traffic ticket, or is it a serious felony? Are the allegations of DUI-DWI? Secondly, we look at where in the state have you been charged?

Our office is based in Rock Hill, so our rates there can be a little bit lower depending on where else in the state that you’re calling from.


Question 2:  What’s the first thing a Criminal Defense Lawyer will want to talk about?  What is Attorney-Client privilege in Legal Representation for criminal charges?

Privileged information.  Normally one of the first things an experienced criminal defense lawyer in SC will tell you is this:  Everything we talk about is confidential.  It is a privileged communication.  That means what you tell your defense lawyer and people working in that law office remains secret.

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That’s true even if you do not ultimately retain our legal services.  The consultation is confidential.  It’s also entirely free.  We will sit down with you, ask a LOT of questions about your criminal case or DUI charges in South Carolina.  Legal representation is not required.  We do not send you a bill to ask questions and find out more about your case.

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Even if do not retain our law office, that “privilege” of privacy or confidentiality remains for criminal charges.  Actually, that’s true for any legal matter in South Carolina.  While experienced defense lawyers ins SC may call it “attorney-client privilege,” secrets told in consultation with a lawyer remain private, secret and CONFIDENTIAL.

Question 3:  Are legal fees related to where the criminal charges in South Carolina are?  Do defense lawyers handle DUI cases in South Carolina all over the state?  

Our law firm regularly helps people accused of criminal charges in Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, South Carolina.  That means we if you have a Driving Under the Influence case or DUI charges, we’re available for legal representation.  That’s true too if you face criminal offenses like drug charges in South Carolina or allegations of Drug Trafficking.

Our rates may be more just simply based on travel time. We work across the whole state.

If you’ve been charged and you would like a free quote, if you would like to speak with us, please CALL NOW:



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