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How Much Do You Know About Traffic Tickets?

  • Are Lawyers Always Required?
  • Is Traffic School an Option?
  • Do Prior Tickets Make a Difference?

Traffic Laws in North Carolina, especially relating to insurance premiums and how to handle can be complex – Bill Powers  

While an attorney is not required, many lawyers offer a free, confidential consultation on things like speeding tickets, stop sign and red light violations and motor vehicle insurance issues.

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It is important to consider:

  • Prior Moving Violations
  • Prior Accident History
  • Driving School
  • Motor Vehicle Points
  • Insurance Points
  • Family / Household Prior Moving Violations
  • Family / Household Prior Accident History
  • Some, NOT ALL Traffic Tickets are Criminal Offenses
  • Some, NOT ALL Traffic Tickets are Misdemeanors

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What are Traffic Ticket “Points?”

North Carolina has two distinct point systems when dealing with traffic violations.   The first “Points” system relates to what lawyers often refer to a Motor Vehicle Points or “License Points” and are those enforced or otherwise imposed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation DOT / Division of Motor Vehicles  DMV.

Certain traffic citations can, if convicted or found responsible, add points to a motorist’s driver’s license.  It is important to note, an accumulation of Motor Vehicle Points can lead to both an increase in insurance premiums and even eventual suspension of a motorist’s driver’s license depending on a host of related, sometimes complicated factors.

The second point system runs in conjunction with the DMV Motor Vehicle point system.  It is the insurance point system created under the Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP).   As stated, an accumulation of insurance points may similarly have a direct effect on insurance premiums.

While related to one another by the offense, there are distinct and important differences regarding DMV and Insurance ‘Points’ – Bill Powers   

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North Carolina Traffic Laws

  • N.C.G.S. 20-16 sets forth a Schedule of Point Values
  • DMV maintains a record of convictions of every person licensed or required to be licensed 
  • DMV must enter records of all convictions (which include Guilty Pleas) of motorists for any violation of the motor vehicle laws of North Carolina
  • Points are not assessed for convictions resulting in suspensions or revocations under other provisions of laws

At Fault Accidents Safe Driver Icentive Plan 2016

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  • Traffic Laws in North Carolina change periodically
  • The North Carolina General Assembly occasionally modifies and updates laws
  • Prior Postings by Powers Law Firm PA were intended to reflect the then existing status of laws
  • It is therefore important to confirm the status of the law as it exists, not as it used to be
  • Historical postings are maintained to reflect the ever-changing laws on Traffic Tickets and to provide an historical basis for comparison

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