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Can My Insurance Company Raise My Rates? What Happens to Insurance with Tickets? If I get a Traffic Violation for going over the Speed Limit do I Need to Appear in Court?

Traffic Tickets, Motor Vehicle, and Insurance Points can be quite complicated.  It doesn’t hurt to consult with a lawyer – Bill Powers

What are Insurance Points?

Fail to Appear in Court for a Traffic Ticket?  Missed Court and New Tickets, What Happens

Missing Court is never a good idea. . .but we all make mistakes.  Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away  – Bill Powers

Failure to Appear

License Points vs Insurance Points for Traffic Tickets in North Carolina

Traffic tickets in NC, especially if they’re considered moving violations, are often assigned a specific point value.  License Points vs Insurance Points can be a big deal, depending on the type and severity of the traffic ticket. . .and if you’re convicted – Bill Powers 

Insurance points are not necessarily the same as motor vehicle points, although for NC traffic tickets, they’re related at least in part.  It’s also true that the amount of points issued are not always exactly equal.  So for something like passing a stopped school bus ticket, it’s important to consider how the “points” could affect your driver’s license in North Carolina and your insurance premiums.


Charlotte Traffic Law Information

How Should I Handle My Traffic Ticket?  Should I go to Driving School?  What is an PJC?  What does Continued Judgment mean?  What are Insurance Points?  What are Motor Vehicle Points?  What is the difference?  Should I retain a lawyer?

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