Charlotte Traffic Law Information


Charlotte Traffic Law Information

How Should I Handle My Traffic Ticket?  Should I go to Driving School?  What is an PJC?  What does Continued Judgment mean?  What are Insurance Points?  What are Motor Vehicle Points?  What is the difference?  Should I retain a lawyer?

Consider the Following:

  • It Can Get Complicated
  • There are multiple factors to consider
  • It is important to carefully review the driving history & convictions (MVR)
  • A Prayer for Judgment is NOT a dismissal
  • Prior attendance of Driving School may limit options
  • Insurance Policy & Household driving histories should be considered
  • There is a difference between Moving and “Non-Moving” Violations
  • Many Attorneys Offer an initial Confidential Consultation, Free of Charge

When we talk with a potential client, we want to know what the citation is, whether it’s a speeding ticket, stop sign, following too closely, lane violation, Driving While License Revoked DWLR, reckless driving or anything else.

We want to know how many charges there are on the new case, meaning we seek to determine if there is more than one ticket, more than one violation or more than one charge associated with a single stop.  We also want to know if there are multiple stops or allegations of separate, distinct traffic tickets that took place on different dates.

We want to know about the prior driver, wreck / accident history, whether you received a ticket or not.  For example, we want to know about wrecks, even a ticket or citation was not issued for something like “unsafe movement” or “failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.”


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For example, running a stop sign or a red light could result in insurance points, as well as motor vehicle points, depending upon the type of offense alleged.  Following too closely and reckless driving may also result in “points,” even with a clean record.

There can be a difference in the points as it applies to insurance premium increases and the DMV point system*.  There are actually two “point” systems: DMV or Driver’s License Points and Insurance Points. Although related, there are important distinctions.

The costs can add up pretty quickly, which may include the Costs of Court and Fines that are separate from possibly increased insurance premiums.

Certain violations may carry motor vehicle points; while at the same time, insurance points under North Carolina General Statutes would not be allowed considering the driving record, lack of prior moving violations and/or insurance claims under the North Carolina Carolina SDIP Safe Driving Incentive Program for the underlying offense.  (Again, it can be complicated.)

It becomes even more intricate if you’ve had some other moving violation(s) or even an insurance claim for an “at fault” wreck that results in payments made pursuant to a claim over a certain monetary value.

We encourage people to give us a call.  It’s a free consultation. It’s confidential.  If we think it’s something you can handle yourself, we’ll tell you that.  In many instances, it could help to have a lawyer on your side. Give us a ring.

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*TRAFFIC LAW PRIMER is intended as a STARTING POINT for legal research to understand the history of the SDIP and Points Systems.  It was part of a series of Continuing Legal Education seminars.  The laws of the State of North Carolina have been updated or otherwise modified during the decade since the original presentation.  Please consult the attached links and/or legal counsel to determine current applicability.

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