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Retain Legal Counsel Immediately.  It makes sense to sit down with an experienced attorney to understand a sometimes complicated legal system.

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Modified Transcript for Hearing Impaired:

We will get calls from friends, family members, whether it’s a parent or a spouse of someone who has been recently charged or in fact just may be even accused of a serious felony. It’s important to get in with an attorney, meaning get in and see them at the office as quickly as possible.

Timing can be key in the preparation of a case. Even if a case takes 2 or more years to present at trial, some of the first steps in representation, some of the first things we do as lawyers can have very, very substantial long-term consequences.

We encourage family members to be very cautious in speaking to anybody, whether it’s the media, whether it’s talking on the telephone, whether it’s seeing the person in jail. It’s not unusual to have those conversations recorded and used in court.

We encourage clients to sit down with us very quickly, if these charges have resulted in arrest we want to see somebody the same day, sometimes within a matter of hours.

We want to talk to the family, we want to go visit the person that may be charged with the case. We want to set things off correctly from the outset. Please give us a ring if you or somebody you care about is charged with a serious felony, they need serious legal representation.

We’re here to help, hope to hear from you.

Powers Law Firm PA is  law firm that focuses on litigation in the various courts of North Carolina.

Bill Powers, Managing Partner travels throughout the state helping people.  He handles Serious Felonies, DWI DUI Impaired Driving and Distracted Driving issues for the firm.  Bill Powers was named to SuperLawyers North Carolina Magazine “Top 100” in North Carolina in calendar years 2012, 2013 & 2014.  For more information regarding the membership information and criterion for inclusion, please visit

Chris McCartan is based out of the Concord Office, located in Cabarrus County at 8 Church Street.  Chris is available for consultation in matters involving Personal Injury, Accidents and Serious Bodily Injury.  He also focuses on Criminal Defense, Traffic, DWI DUI Impaired Driving Defense.

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