Limiting Contact With Media

Should I Give A Statement on TV? Should I Talk To Reporters? Attorney Bill Powers explains some of the considerations of why Limiting Contact With Media may be important.

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Transcript for Hearing Impaired:

Of the many things that we do to help clients out with serious felonies, whether it’s preparing a matter for trial, or reviewing discovery, speaking with experts, there is an aspect of serious felony where we’re dealing with the media. We’re dealing with TV stations, radio stations, print media meaning newspapers, local periodicals, things of that nature. It’s important to realize that the scandalous sells.
What that means is that cases that involve very serious allegations of crimes, whether it be a murder, manslaughter, sex offenses, things that if you hear the raw facts without knowing all the circumstances behind them shock the conscience. We encourage people to limit their exposure with the media. We want to, obviously, be cognizant of the fact that the things that you say on TV, the way you act when you’re walking to and from a courtroom can have a long-term impact.

We have experience dealing with the media. I personally have served as a legal correspondent for some very serious murder cases in the past.

It’s important to realize that the media have a job. Their job is to sell newspapers. Their job is for ratings.

To be fair, it’s not always necessarily to be exhaustive or inclusive of all the facts. We encourage clients, we encourage family to let us deal with the media and take that aspect, that worry away from your day in and day out life.

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