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Who Is Bill Powers?

Bill Powers is the founding partner of Powers Law Firm PA, having practiced law in North Carolina since 1992.  His professional focus is based upon litigation in the various courts of North Carolina.

Bill is a Board Certified Specialist by the National Board of Legal Specialty Specialization in the area of Criminal Defense.   He is a member of the North Carolina Governor’s Safety Highway Impaired Driving Task Force and a regular lecturer on evolving legal issues, caselaw, pending litigation, statutes and a policies regarding the operation of courts in North Carolina.

Chris McCartan is Operating Partner, Concord / Cabarrus County Office of Powers Law Firm PA, and handles DWI / DUI, Impaired Driving, Criminal and Traffic matters in Concord Office:  8 Church Street, Concord, NC.  The firm additionally assists people hurt due to the negligence of others in matters normally involving Driving Under the Influence or Distracted Driving cases.

Bill Powers has been named to North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine 2015, his ninth consecutive year.  In 2014 Bill was named “Top 100” in North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine.  For more information on membership information and criterion for inclusion in Super Lawyers, please visit:

Bill Powers was named to SuperLawyers North Carolina Magazine “Top 100” in North Carolina in calendar years 2012, 2013 & 2014.  For more information regarding the membership information and criterion for inclusion, please visit

Transcript for the Hearing Impaired:

Representation on cases that are very serious normally would be a felony, which starts off being serious.

Then involves the potential of very long lasting prison terms, murder, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, felony death. They’re just simply different and while many, many lawyers will have a substantial amount of experience just handling cases in court.

There aren’t a lot of lawyers who have actually tried out these type of cases before a jury, and gone through that level of testing over a year or 2 or sometimes 3 or 4 year period. It’s very important that the client realize that the process is extraordinarily complex.
When I say the client, we’re often times dealing with a family member because the person charged is in jail at the time. We like to sit down, we like to talk with people and we like to draw some big picture ideas understanding that this case could last for a substantial amount of time.

Either way it’s important to talk to an attorney who understands what it’s like to try a case. Who has tried a case recently, who understands the appellate aspects of that case. Also understands that it’s going to be a marathon, there’s no sprinting going on, on a serious felony case.
I encourage people to talk to your lawyer, talk to maybe several lawyers. Find out what their credentials are. Then sit down and make a family decision on what’s best for the loved one. Please give us a ring, we’re here to help and we’re more than willing to explain how we address serious felonies in North Carolina.

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