Media Relations Criminal Charges

Media Relations Criminal Charges

Dealing with the media, especially in high-profile criminal matters can be a delicate process. Attorney Bill Powers discusses some of the legal issues involved in North Carolina.

Transcript for Hearing Impaired:

Dealing with the media in a serious felony is what I like to refer to as a dance of sorts. Where you are dealing with them on a daily basis, they’re in the court room. You’re watching the reports at night. You’re making sure that they’re accurate.

It’s important to realize that the media has to have some information to disseminate. They have to have some story to share and so we’re always in this give-and-take. There’s this balance between, obviously you don’t want to influence a jury, you don’t want to say anything that’s inflammatory, you need to protect the client and the information.

At the same time you want to make sure that things are being fairly reported, that all the facts and circumstances are coming out, if possible.  Then you may be dealing with an order of the court, where you are not allowed to respond or answer questions.

It’s complicated. It’s something that until you’ve done it, until you’ve sat in the courtroom with 3 or 4 cameras, and watched the cameras recording, and seeing reports, or seeing how things are described the next day in the newspaper, it’s hard to understand how complicated it is. It’s a very very important aspect of a case.

Any serious felony is going to get attention now in our media-centric world. It’s going to be on the Internet. It’s going to be in newspapers. It’s going to be on TV because criminal cases sell. What that means is that people have an interest in them.

It’s important to have an attorney who has experience with them, who have an experience with them, meaning the media, relationally, that where you can call, talk to the people, and be able to give background information without disclosing confidences or otherwise protecting the information.
Please, before you talk to the media, if you or someone you care about has been charged with a serious felony, talk to an experienced attorney. We hope to hear from you. We’re here to help.

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