Considerations in Selecting An Attorney to Help

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Modified Transcript of Selecting An Attorney for Help for the Hearing Impaired:

There are some offenses that understanding the process of how things work with a particular district attorney’s office or just the methodology in that judicial district makes sense, maybe more minor offenses is what I’m thinking.

If you get a traffic ticket in a county that we go to on cases involving DUI, we’ll normally refer you to someone locally.

On the other hand, there are times when bringing in outside lawyer makes sense because the outside lawyer doesn’t have to worry about future consequences of occasionally having to call someone out and ask them tough questions.

There’s no set answer to that question. This concept of knowing people or having relationships, I think that’s frankly probably presented a little bit more strongly than it should.

Either way, we offer a free confidential consultation.

We do travel the state helping people with criminal cases and civil cases.

There are times where we think we’re more than capable of going that jurisdiction and fight things; and there are other times where we’ll say, “Hey, this is a lawyer we know. This is why we trust that jurisdiction. Give them a ring.”

The consultation is free, it’s confidential, it doesn’t cost you anything or hurt you to ask some questions. That’s a great inquiry though and the answer is frankly, it depends.


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