Will My Attorney Meet Me In Jail?


Jail Visits by an attorney are common, especially with matters involving serious criminal charges, felonies and even some misdemeanors with high bond amounts.  Attorney Bill Powers



Modified Transcript of “Will Attorney Come to Jail?” for the Hearing Impaired:

If you’re in jail, and you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, yeah, we’ll come and see people in jail, it’s not that unusual. There is a process. There is a protocol. Most counties nowadays have visiting hours, and as an attorney, we bring our bar IDs, and picture ID, and things of that nature.

Normally, we want to have some relationship established regarding representation. We want to explain to you what we’re looking for; whether or not, there needs to be a contract or some financial agreement, but yeah, we see people in jail, or more are willing to do that.

Our hope is to get you out as quickly as possible so we can bring your lawyer with you being outside the jail, and better able to help prepare your defense than being inside the jail, and you’re limited in your ability to talk to people, and reach people, and assist in your preparation of your defense.

Yes, we visit people in jail. I do encourage people to give us a ring. We offer free confidential consultation, and we can tell you how that process takes place, and what needs to be put in place before the jail visit.

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