Can You Refer Me To An Attorney?

If You Can’t Help, Can You Refer Me To An Attorney?

Powers Law Firm PA helps people throughout the State of North Carolina with legal matters.  There are instances where a certain type of case or location of that case within a jurisdiction requires a referral to another attorney or law office.

While we regularly travel North Carolina to litigate or “take a case to trial,” there are times we cannot take on a matter for representation.  For whatever reason, if we can’t help, we don’t mind referring the matter to another attorney or law firm.  We also don’t mind providing an initial consultation free of charge that is confidential.

Please note:  Powers Law Firm PA is NOT a lawyer referral organization.  We do not charge or accept “referral fees.”  Referring a matter to another attorney is simply a courtesy we have volunteered to do over the years when we cannot help someone with a legal matter.  We encourage clients and people seeking an attorney to independently evaluate certifications, awards and skill sets of any attorney or law firm referred.


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Modified Transcript for the Hearing Impaired:

There are times in a criminal case where being local can be a distinct disadvantage because you really got to be careful who you cross. It’s not just your case, it’s future cases. On the other hand, going into a jurisdiction and not knowing, “Well we don’t offer 9 over reductions, we want to see improper equipment” or not knowing we have a local policy regarding a certain type of treatment rather than going through the deferred prosecution that can be a real disadvantage.
Hopefully, your lawyer has enough character and competency to be honest with you and to say whether or not they think they’re able to go to that jurisdiction and answer the questions and help out. We, at Powers Law Firm PA, are not going to take a case unless we have a confidence level. Now there are very few jurisdictions in North Carolina where we haven’t handled a case, at least in criminal matters. There are certain types of cases that we definitely think going in, we’re willing to fight the hard fight and ask the tough questions.
There are also times where traffic tickets, misdemeanor possession, underage possession of alcohol, we’ll regularly refer someone that we know and trust in that jurisdiction. The best part about travelling around the state and handling cases throughout North Carolina is you get to know people, you get to know the other legal professionals and you get to know who you trust. We’ve got a list of people at our front desk and if someone calls and wants a referral, we’ll say, “Call this person and we recommend them.”
Remember a recommendation is as much of a reflection on me as the person that I’m sending them to. I want people to know that if they call and ask for a referral or they call and ask for a question, we’re going to give them an honest answer, we’re going to answer in a timely fashion and that person is someone that we trust and therefore, hopefully, the client should trust as well. Give us a ring.

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