How Much Do You Know About License Revocations

How Much Do You Know About License Revocations in North Carolina


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Given the importance of a valid driver license, I’m always amazed when someone does not take a ticket seriously – Bill Powers 


While many people in North Carolina understand DMV (Department of Transportation / Division of Motor Vehicles) conceptually has the power revoke or suspend licenses for certain offenses, not everyone realizes the broad authority the General Assembly has provided in the Law for administrative actions and/or suspensions.

We talk to and help people on a daily basis with traffic ticket issues.

And while most everyone seeks to “keep the points off,” they do not always have a clear understanding that there may be more involved than just Insurance Points, or even Points against a License as maintained by DMV.

People also do not always understand the implications of multiple moving violations within a certain time period or the fact that DMV can take administrative action for things that happened out-of-state or in another jurisdiction.


A lot depends on the type and severity of an offense, the prior driving history, and record of convictions.  It can be a complicated and tough nut to crack – Bill Powers 


Some offenses, if found guilty or responsible, result in an automatic period of revocation.

For other matters, we regularly hear from people whom were shocked to receive a Notice of Revocation as a result of what was perceived as a relatively minor citation.

That is especially true for clients whom travel a lot throughout the country, rent cars, or even drive in a company vehicle and get tickets.

Sometimes motorists either pay-off an out-of-state ticket or forget to handle out-of-state citation(s), without recognizing the potential impact on their North Carolina driving history and license.

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We just advise people what the law is.  We do not always agree the law is how it should be – Bill Powers 


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Do NOT Ignore a Citation

  • Forgetting or Ignoring a Citation is Never a Good Idea
  • States Can and Do Regularly Share Information
  • Even for Out-of-State Matters, Talk with a North Carolina Lawyer
    • Determine the Impact to NC Driver’s License and Insurance Points
    • Possible Referral by North Carolina Attorney to Out-of-State Legal Counsel



Driver Handbook NC DMV 2016




Do NOT Ignore the North Carolina Department of Transportation / Division of Motor Vehicles DMV

  • DMV possesses substantial authority to take administrative action
  • Late Fees may be accessed in certain circumstances
  • Restoration Fees upon suspension may also be required
  • Certified Mail or Follow-Up Reminders are not required of DMV
  • If you are suspended by DMV, do NOT drive to DMV to fix the problem
  • If you receive a Notice of Revocation or Suspension, read the letter carefully
  • There are instances where NC DOT – DMV provides for a “grace period”



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Do NOT Ignore a Court Order

  • Failure to Comply with a Court Order and Judgment can, depending on the type of citation or offense, result in:
    • Loss of License
    • Loss of Liberty
    • Loss of Funds (additional fees / costs)


Take Tickets seriously and do not ignore what a Judge or DMV Orders.  In today’s world of computers, it just doesn’t make sense to test the lengths of the Long Arm of the Law – Bill Powers 


Do NOT Just Pay Everything Off

Contrary to well-intended suggestions from friends, family, or what we (Powers Law Firm PA) tongue-in-cheek refer to as “Uncle Freddy Advice,” paying off citations all-at-once is not always a good idea.

What worked for Uncle Freddy back-in-the-day, does not necessarily mean that is the law in North Carolina or how things work today in an increasingly complex legal system.

While an FTA Failure to Appear, which is a term used in North Carolina by the Courts and DMV, can be marked “Complied” or FTAC Failure To Appear Complied within the system for payment, it may not resolve the underlying problem of not being able to drive with a valid license.

Until properly handled, and after the expiration of a fixed period of time without action, an FTA will eventually appear on a North Carolina Driving History as an “Indefinite Suspension.” ** 

**There may be certain grace-periods allowed under the law in North Carolina.  Given the complexity of such issues and if you have questions, it is recommended you seek out experienced legal counsel to determine the timing issues, costs, fees, penalties, and fines in North Carolina.  The attorneys at Powers Law Firm PA provide a confidential consultation, free of charge, for North Carolina Traffic Law issues.   

One would be remiss in failing to note, clearing an Indefinite Suspension may result in a more definite period of suspension or administrative action by DMV, depending on the severity of citation(s) at issue and further considering other driving history, convictions, suspensions, and/or revocations.


While Paying-Off a Ticket may end an Indefinite Suspension, that good-faith attempt to resolve the problem may trigger some other revocation  – Bill Powers 


You may be asking yourself, “What?  I was told that if I pay-off everything that would end the Indefinite Suspension.”  Well, that may technically be true.  It also may only be half of the story.

If convicted of a moving violation during a period of revocation or suspension, the DMV can suspend a license for an additional period of time.

The length of the suspension may continue to increase based upon the number of convictions and types of convictions during a period of revocation.

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