Want to Renblog-want-to-renew-your-license-onlineew Your License Online?

Short on Time?  Need Your North Carolina License Renewed?  Want to Renew Your License Online?

  •  Governor McCrory announces Online NC DOT Renewal Option
  • Goal:  30% Renewals Online
  • Thus far 100,000 North Carolina Licenses have renewed Online


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What a fabulous option.  Anything we can do to speed up the process, saving time and money, is great for licensed drivers – Bill Powers 

 Driver Handbook NC DMV 2016

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The Do’s, Don’ts and Cant’s of Online Renewal

  • Yes:  Valid, Unexpired, Regular “Class C” License and Social Security Number
  • Yes:  Valid eMail address
  • Yes:  VISA, MasterCard, Discover Credit or Check Card
  • No:  Can NOT renew Commercial Drivers License CDL
  • No:  Can NOT renew State ID Card
  • No:  Can NOT renew with restriction (other than “Corrective Lenses”)


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Expanded Saturday Hours and Locations are great too!  I Love the fact that Customer Service is Important at NC DMV – Bill Powers 

Transcript for Hearing Impaired

Modified Transcript of “Want to Renew Your License Online?” for the Hearing Impaired

North Carolina is all about southern hospitality, North Carolina hospitality. I think that’s very, very important. We have a renewed focus on customer service. I’m pleased to announce, based upon trial periods that we’ve been testing, that today we’re beginning the full implementation of online driver’s license renewal in North Carolina.

We began testing this back in June and since that time, more than 100,000 people have renewed their licenses without coming into the DMV office. We wanted to see if it worked first before we officially announced it. We’ve been rolling this out for a while but I wanted to see data. They have provided me with this data. This data now shows that we have freed up more than 20,000 DMV staff hours to serve other customers’ needs so they can get help in other areas at DMV. We are the ninth largest state now, by population, in the United States of America. Our population is going to continue to grow and I didn’t want the DMV lines to continue to grow. We wanted reducing waiting times, we wanted better customer service, and we also wanted to decrease our cost. Our goal is to have 30% of license renewals completed online or about 200,000 a year. This offers added convenience for both who choose to renew online and those who visit our DMV offices in person. Drivers can now use the online process every other time they renew their license. Some individuals, such as first-time drivers, those renewing a commercial driver’s license, and those with other restrictions, must still come into the office. The service will be better and the offices will be nicer. It will not be a painful experience in the future. This is our goal.

In-office changes, if you visit a DMV office in person, we are implementing changes that will reduce your wait time. We’ve already extended hours for Saturdays at many offices, especially the high volume offices and we have statistics that show how many people are using the Saturday office hours. It’s amazing. In other words, we’re working around the schedules of North Carolina, not around the schedule of government. That’s what customer service is all about. We’re beginning to roll these out including right now in this office. We’ll be upgrading offices throughout North Carolina for the next few months starting with the 25 busiest offices. This is another important step of fixing the broken government that we’ve had in North Carolina and improving customer service.

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