Assault and Battery Charges

Modified Transcript of “Assault and Battery Charges” for the Hearing Impaired:

There are different types of assault. There’s simple assault, there’s assault on a female, there’s assault on a government official, there’s assaults on children, and sometimes they’re felonious assaults that have the potential for long term prison sentences.

Criminal Battery has been traditionally defined in part as:

The unlawful application of force to the person of another

It may be divided into its three basic elements: 

  1. Defendant’s Conduct (Act or Omission); 
  2. Defendant’s Mental State, which may be an intent to kill or injure, or criminal negligence, or perhaps the doing of an unlawful act; 
  3. The Harmful Result to the victim, which may be either either a Bodily Injury or Offensive Touching – Blacks Law Dictionary 

Assaults and Battery, in the Criminal Law context, have important distinctions.

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