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Larceny Charges in SCWhat is embezzlement?  What are the long-term consequences of stealing something?  Is larceny a felony or misdemeanor in South Carolina?

A conviction for larceny (unlawfully taking the property of someone) carries consequences regardless of how much the item was worth, or how much money you’ve been accused of taking.

That’s because “crimes of moral turpitude” or “dishonesty” carry a significant social stigma.  The court system takes shoplifting in SC and larceny seriously.  So should you.

Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer Bill Powers Answers the Question:  Is larceny a felony or misdemeanor criminal case?

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Why are some things considered a “minor misdemeanor” and other allegations of larceny considered a felony? What is a felony and why is it more serious?  Is larceny a felony or misdemeanor criminal case in North Carolina?  Does it even make a difference?

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a criminal charge or a facing indictment for felony larceny, breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, or any crime of “theft” or dishonesty, call a defense lawyer immediately.

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