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How to find a Criminal Defense Lawyer near me in Charlotte NC

What is the next step after the free consultation?

After the initial phone consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers, we often times will want to meet you in person.

We find that it is helpful to be able to look a client in the eye, get to know you, and figure out your goals and what’s really important to you.

Modified Transcript of “Honest Legal Answers in North Carolina” for Hearing Impaired:

I would not be a good lawyer if I didn’t tell you that a theory did not apply or that someone’s understanding of what they thought the law was doesn’t apply in North Carolina.

What may have been the law in New York is not necessarily the law in the land of North Carolina.

Modified Video for Hearing Impaired for “High Profile Media Criminal Charges”

We handle a fair number of highly sensitive cases in North Carolina involving cases that have a lot of media attention.

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