Honest Legal Answers in North Carolina

Modified Transcript of “Honest Legal Answers in North Carolina” for Hearing Impaired:

I would not be a good lawyer if I didn’t tell you that a theory did not apply or that someone’s understanding of what they thought the law was doesn’t apply in North Carolina.

What may have been the law in New York is not necessarily the law in the land of North Carolina.


What’s Important:

  • Experienced Legal Advice
  • Honest, Straightforward Answers


I’d be bad lawyer if I didn’t say on occasion I respect your opinion but it’s not necessarily correct in this instance. Good lawyers don’t always share what the client wants to hear. Good lawyers will tell you the truth about things and be honest about things and upfront about things so there aren’t surprises.



I regularly tell clients that there are certain laws I don’t frankly agree with but that’s what the status of the law is – Bill Powers 



I encourage people to expect to hear straight forward honest answers from our firm and from our lawyers because that’s what we do. If someone wants to go somewhere else and get another opinion that’s fine too, I understand it.


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When we see people it’s normally one of the worst days of their lives that they’ve been arrested or some accusation has been made.

There’s a lot of stress involved. There’s a lot of anxiety and people are worried about their lives and their families and their livelihood.  I get that, it’s a pressure situation.

What we try to do is to answer questions honestly in a straightforward fashion and try to tell you what to expect, like weathermen in some ways. Give us a call. We offer a free confidential consultation.

That means you’re not getting a bill to ask some general questions and we’re not telling anybody about your secrets.

That’s what Lawyers do, we keep secrets, we keep confidences, and we help people through what may have been the worst time in their life. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Bill Powers

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