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How do I understand how to represent a serious felony? The simple answer is hard knocks, it’s life.

It’s being in the trenches and fighting for someone’s life and their livelihood and their family and their well being. There is no substitute for experience in a court room, and you can learn all the law and you can read all the cases and you can spend a lot of time looking over Discovery, and to me frankly that’s the beginning of point.

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But until you’ve sat in that court room for weeks at a time, until you’ve seen the same jury day after day after day after day and sometimes six – eight hours a day in court, until you’ve seen the effects on a family and your client who is scared out of their mind, until you’ve had that sheet handed up by the foreperson of the jury and you wait that period for the verdict to be read, until you handle cases for years and years and years that have life changing consequences, you’ll never know.

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There are very few lawyers in the state who understand that level of complexity, that level of seriousness in a case. It’s very easy to go into a case and just look at Discovery.

It’s another thing all together to sit there and hold the hand of your client, and frankly sometimes the best learning experiences are the hardest ones where you’ve lost some cases and you’ve learned from it.

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There are some cases it doesn’t matter what you do, the facts, the circumstances are absolutely awful and you need to have that level of understanding, that level of compassion, that level of disappointment when you’ve lost in order to be able to advise your client both in speaking with them and making recommendations, but also knowing how to deal with answering very tough questions in a jury setting.

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Please give us a call. We have experience handling these type of cases. We’ll give you a free consultation. We’ll sit down with you and explain what we think about your case and we’ll let you know whether we think we can help you. Look forward to hearing from you.

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