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If someone’s been charged or arrested with a criminal offense in North Carolina they probably weren’t expecting that to happen.

In our daily lives we base our finances on expenses that we expect. If you’ve gotten in some trouble or someone you care about has gotten in some trouble, whether you can afford an attorney or come up with the fee can be a real problem.

We try to make that easy for people. We try to work out payment plans where it’s appropriate. It’s not unusual for us to take a certain amount down. Then we accept payments either every other week or monthly or based on payrolls and things of that nature.


We try to make the payment process very easy. We allow payment online. We can do automatic deductions on credit cards or bank accounts. We accept personal checks.

There are some types of cases that normally the person just pays up front. A more minor traffic offense, for example.

The more serious cases, cases that could take a year to present in trial, that could be more expensive. You may expect a larger amount down and then payments on the rest. It just depends on the type of case.

The one thing I want potential clients to understand is we’ll always tell you what the expense is. We’re not going to hide costs from you. We’re going to put it in writing.

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We guarantee our rates and we want you to understand that process. Give us a ring. The initial consultation is free as well as confidential.

The telephone number is 704-342-4357. I hope to hear for you.

Bill Powers

Bill Powers is the managing Partner of Powers Law Firm PA in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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