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Modified Transcript of “Experienced Legal Advice for Criminal Charges in Charlotte” for the Hearing Impaired:

The vast majority of the cases in North Carolina are plead out.  After reviewing discovery and evaluating the merits of the case, sometimes that’s the best choice.

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Modified Transcript of “How to Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney in Charlotte” for the Hearing Impaired:

I get asked on a pretty regular basis how do you choose a lawyer?

  • What things should you look for?

Modified Transcript of “Required to Talk To Police” for the Hearing Impaired:

We have handled very serious cases in North Carolina for quite some time.  We may get a call during an active investigation, in a panic, from somebody wondering and asking, “Should I talk to the police?”  They want to do a debriefing.  They want to record a statement.

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Modified Transcript for Hearing Impaired of “Legal Fees What To Expect”

If someone’s been charged or arrested with a criminal offense in North Carolina they probably weren’t expecting that to happen.

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