How to Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney in Charlotte

Modified Transcript of “How to Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney in Charlotte” for the Hearing Impaired:

I get asked on a pretty regular basis how do you choose a lawyer?

  • What things should you look for?
  • What things should you expect?
  • Does Experience Matter?
  • What Counts as “Experience?”

The answer is it’s a lot like picking a doctor. It’s an important decision. It’s something you should take seriously.

You should interview that person and see do they practice in an area of law where they can help you.

Do they have a knowledge base? Have they done it for a while?

Normally what happens in the first step is we get a telephone call, email, or a text. The client calls or a family member, someone that cares about the person if they’re in jail for example, and we talk to them. We do an initial consultation.

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We don’t charge anything for that. That’s absolutely free.

We like to get some background information. First I want to make sure there’s no sort of conflict, that we haven’t represented somebody else or presently represent somebody that would cause us to not be able to take the case.

We want to get information. We want to get the background of what’s taking place.

Where are we in the process? How long have the charges been out there? Have the charges even been brought? Where is the person that’s in trouble? What kind of case? What county? What are the background circumstances?

Now, realize in the initial conversation that is pretty basic type of material, and we oftentimes will want to sit down with the person as soon as possible.

That may be at the office or that may be in jail. Either way, I encourage people to talk to the potential lawyer, get a feel for them.

It’s not just a matter of credentials or years of practice. A lot of it has to do with just the personality, what I like to call bedside manner. I try to listen first to the client and hear what they have to say.

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Occasionally we’ll ask some questions; sometimes they’re pointed.
Then what I like to do is give you an honest assessment right off the bat of what I think we can or cannot do.

There are just some cases where we’re not your firm. We just don’t handle particular types of cases, so if you need a will or something like that.

We normally will try to find someone that can help you out. There are other cases where we want to tell the client right of the bat this is a difficult case or this is something we think could be handled with relative ease.

Either way, I encourage people to call. It’s confidential. We don’t share the information with anybody and it’s free of charge, at least for the initial consultation.

We don’t send you a bill until and unless you decide to retain us. Give us a ring. Look forward to hearing from you.

Give us a call, we’re here to help.

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