Calendaring Criminal Traffic and DWI Cases in Charlotte

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The calendaring of criminal cases in North Carolina is a somewhat complicated process, and that’s because there are differences between misdemeanor cases and felony charges, as well as between jurisdictions.

Larger jurisdictions such as Mecklenburg or Wake County, Guilford, those have more courtrooms.

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They have more prosecutors generally speaking, more police officers, so special care, attention is given to putting cases on the docket and how they’re resolved can differ.

Obviously in a small jurisdiction that may not be necessary because you just don’t have as many cases going on.

What I try to encourage people to realize is that across the board in the state of North Carolina, doesn’t matter if it’s a small jurisdiction or a large one, that there is a backlog, and a backlog can take a substantial amount of time to get through, so even if you are charged today or tomorrow it could take months, if not the better part of a year to resolve a case.

Recently, many jurisdictions across the state have encountered calendaring issues due to bad weather (Are Charlotte Courts Closed?).  When a courtroom closes, say for example due to a snow day, all the cases that were to be heard must be “re-set” or otherwise “continued” to another day and another docket.

Where courtrooms are normally already very busy, there remains the same number of matters to handle with less days in the year in which to do so.

That’s true, even doubly so, for felony cases, especially serious felony cases.

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I encourage people to realize that it’s a cumbersome process at some times. It’s what I like to describe as a marathon of sorts.

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