Charlotte Traffic Ticket Trial Courts

Charlotte Traffic Ticket Trial Courts

Attorney Bill Powers discusses some of the procedures involving the courts and gives helpful information on Charlotte Traffic Ticket Trial Courts.  Make certain to check out the SLIDE SHOW below for more information and easy-to-understand explanation of the different Trial & Administrative Traffic Courts in Mecklenburg County.

Do I Have To Go To Trial?



Now there are a fair number of circumstances where we take it from the first floor in courtroom in 1130, and we go up to the fourth floor which is more traditionally a trial or dispositional court. That is, like I said, on the fourth floor of the criminal courts building. There are three primary courtrooms up there that handle traffic matters: courtroom 4150, courtroom 4170, and 4310 is the last one.

Now clients sometimes are required. There are certain type of offenses that are called non-waveable offenses. That means that you got to come to court. The vast majority of cases we can handle by what’s called a written waiver of appearance. That’s the first court date that really the officer is there. In most circumstances they’re required to be there; there are certain exceptions. That’s the first chance we really have a chance to talk to them and sit down with them and go over the facts and circumstances of the case.

Once again, we can handle the case there or we can bring it down to dispositional court. As you might tell, it’s complicated. It’s sometimes time consuming, and were there so I think clients have found over the years we can handle things a little bit more efficiently because of the economy of scale.

Give us a ring when you get a chance. Telephone number is 704-342-HELP. That’s 704-342-4357. We offer a free confidential consultation and we’ve handled a boatload of these cases over the years, and we’d be more than willing to help you out, too.

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