FAQ DWI DUI and Implied Driving Scheduling of Cases

Modified Transcript of “FAQ DWI DUI and Implied Driving Scheduling of Cases” for Hearing Impaired

After more than 20 years of practicing law in North Carolina, you do see certain trends or certain patterns. And I’m regularly asked by people, “What are some common misconceptions about lawyers or the practice of law or what lawyers can do to help you?”

A couple things in North Carolina are important to realize.


First, in a more general sense, calendaring. Calendaring is not in the control of the lawyer or the client. It’s done by the district attorney’s office.

I’m not saying that’s necessarily fair, but that’s the law in North Carolina.

As such, we have very little control over how and when cases are held other than to make suggestions and try to do it in a time frame that helps the client.

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I understand and I recognize the fact that people have jobs, they have lives, they have other things to do. And calendaring is a big issue. I understand that can be difficult, and it’s not something that I particularly enjoy myself.

If we can avoid having a client take off work and park and find parking and come to the courthouse only to be told their case can’t be reached for whatever reason.

That’s just part of the process.


And what I’d like to let people know is we don’t charge for continuances. We don’t charge for the length of time a case takes. And actually it’s to our benefit to handle cases as quickly, in a more prompt fashion as possible, but the truth of the matter is our system’s backlogged and we have a lot of cases. And generally speaking, there are some rules regarding how things are set.

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