Experienced Legal Advice for Criminal Charges in Charlotte


Modified Transcript of “Experienced Legal Advice for Criminal Charges in Charlotte” for the Hearing Impaired:

The vast majority of the cases in North Carolina are plead out.  After reviewing discovery and evaluating the merits of the case, sometimes that’s the best choice.

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But you have to be willing, on occasion, to sit in that courtroom after motions have been denied, after plea negotiations have been not effective, and to pick that jury, to sit down with a group of people from your community and ask tough questions, and listen to the evidence and testimony in court, and cross examine very experienced, very smart law enforcement officers and deal with the best of the best prosecutors, because that’s what you’re going to get with a serious felony is the best of the best prosecutors.

And then make your argument, and let the jury decide.


There are many, many lawyers who have handled criminal cases.

There are very few lawyers that try cases before a jury, and of those attorneys, there are even fewer who try very, very serious cases with any level of regularity.

Please give us a call – we’re here to help.

We want to help you understand the legal system, we want you to understand what the jury process is like, and we are willing to try cases before a jury. We do it all the time.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Powers, NC Criminal Defense Attorney
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