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How Long Can a Case Be Continued for Lab Reports? How is Blood Evidence Proven in Court? How Long Does It Take to Get Blood Results?

Blood Testing in DWI cases takes time and involves a delicate balance of trial schedules, witness availability, and scientific testing protocols – Bill Powers 

What is Chain of Custody?

Modified Transcript of “Required to Talk To Police” for the Hearing Impaired:

We have handled very serious cases in North Carolina for quite some time.  We may get a call during an active investigation, in a panic, from somebody wondering and asking, “Should I talk to the police?”  They want to do a debriefing.  They want to record a statement.

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Modified Transcript of “DWI Other Than Alcohol” for the Hearing Impaired:

If you are behind the wheel, if something is negatively affecting your ability to operate a motor vehicle, that could make you liable for driving while impaired.

Chris McCartan discusses Impairment and DWI with substances other than alcohol in North Carolina.

Calculating credit for “Pre-Trial Confinement” can be a complicated process.  When the accused has either been unable to secure his or her release due to financial hardships or in a matter where “NO BOND” has been set by court officials, “crediting” that time against an imposed judgment becomes an important consideration.   § 15A-533. Right to pretrial release in capital and noncapital cases states,

(b) A defendant charged with a noncapital offense must have conditions of pretrial release determined, in accordance with G.S. 15A-534.

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