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In sex cases what is the difference between civil and criminal court?

  • What is the Difference between Civil and Criminal Cases?

Failed Drug Test?  Couldn’t Give a Sample?  Picked Up New Charges?  What Happens If I Have Problems with Probation – How Does It Work?

Probation is a Second Chance.  Violating the Order of the Court can be a big deal – Bill Powers 

When it comes to sentencing, North Carolina allows the Judge and Probation Officer a considerable amount of discretion in setting the terms and conditions of a Suspended Sentence.

How Long Can a Case Be Continued for Lab Reports? How is Blood Evidence Proven in Court? How Long Does It Take to Get Blood Results?

Blood Testing in DWI cases takes time and involves a delicate balance of trial schedules, witness availability, and scientific testing protocols – Bill Powers 

What is Chain of Custody?

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