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Charlotte NC Confidential Consultation:  Criminal Defense Lawyer Bill Powers explains the attorney-client privilege

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If you need a criminal defense lawyer for charges in Charlotte NC we’re here to help.

We offer a confidential consultation, free of charge.  We like to sit down with potential clients concerned about their criminal case, listen to what happened, and see if we can help.

Normally we’ll explain the legal system in North Carolina for criminal charges.  We also take the time to explain legal representation and how law firms work.


We tell people what we think.  We’ll give you free legal advice about what we believe is the best way to handle your criminal charges.  Only if you want to retain our law firm do we send you an invoice for legal services. Even if you choose NOT to retain our law office for help, everything you tell us stays secret – Bill Powers 

Question 1:  Will a lawyer tell anyone about my pending criminal charges?  What does “confidential consultation” mean?  

We get questions from clients pretty regularly about, “If I tell you something, are you going to share it with a parent or are you going to share it with an employer? Are you going to share it with a district attorney or police officer?”

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The answer is NO.  Unless first, you authorize us to.  And second, we think it’s appropriate in the presentation of your case.  When it comes to legal representation for criminal matters, as defense lawyers we protect what clients tell us.  What you tell us is confidential.  We keep confidences.  It might make more sense to say it this way:  We keep secrets.  

Question 2:  What is “Attorney Client” privilege?  Does it apply to criminal charges?  Does it matter felony vs. misdemeanor?  

What you tell an attorney is subject to what’s called attorney-client privilege. I don’t know why we call it that because it’s really client-attorney privilege. It’s your privilege.

It does NOT matter whether you are facing serious criminal charges like Murder, Manslaughter, or even a minor traffic ticket.  If you need advice from a law firm, even just to see if you need legal representation for something like NC DUI-DWI charges, what you tell the defense lawyer remains between you and the lawyer.  It doesn’t matter if you have a felony or misdemeanor criminal case.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are seeking legal advice for a divorce, a car wreck or any other legal case, the “privilege” is protected by the attorney in NC.

It’s your right and it comes from the idea that what you tell your lawyer should be absolutely confidential and what we call inviolate, meaning that relationship cannot ever be attacked because the courts benefit from people telling the truth to their lawyer.

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It’s more efficient. It’s more effectual in the presentation of cases and clients need to know that what they tell us is confidential.  It helps criminal defense lawyers help with your case.  We can better guide clients facing serious criminal charges if we know what happened.  A lot of clients facing criminal charges are afraid about going to court in North Carolina.  People fear they’ll be forced to testify and won’t know what to say in court.  Because of that, sometimes people with a criminal case are afraid to tell their lawyer what happened. . .thinking maybe the LAWYER will share that secret.

Question 3:  Can I trust my criminal defense lawyer?  What happens if I have a serious DWI case in North Carolina, does it matter?  

You can and should trust your criminal defense lawyer.

When we say we give a confidential consultation, we mean it.  As a matter of public policy the laws in NC understand the necessity of attorney-client privilege – Bill Powers 

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Now there are times where we believe it appropriate to share information in order to help our client but we always make sure the client understands that, the client agrees with that and the client approves that.


Private and confidential attorney advice from a criminal defense lawyer in Charlotte NC

If you say, “I don’t want to share this information.”, we can’t share it. We cannot share it.

We swore an oath to that and I stand by that oath.

Either way, give us a ring. It can be complicated and we want you to understand how the process works. We offer free consultation. The telephone number is 704-342-4357. We look forward to hearing from you.

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