high profile media criminal charges

Modified Video for Hearing Impaired for “High Profile Media Criminal Charges”

We handle a fair number of highly sensitive cases in North Carolina involving cases that have a lot of media attention.

Whether it’s the type of case, the serious nature of a charge, or whether it’s a person that’s known in the community either because they’re a political official or a sports person or something of that nature, and there really is a special way of handling those type of cases. I encourage clients not to go on TV.

I also encourage clients not to do the no comment, and putting the hand in front of the camera.

I just fundamentally disagree with that. I think it’s better to refer matters to the law office, and let us answer inquiries as we may. Generally speaking, it’s better to stay out of the media.


It’s better to address things on a more big picture type of perspective, and what I always try to do, if I do give a quote to the media, is encourage people to keep an open mind, to not make up their mind about the case, to realize that there’s always a second side of the story, that accounts that maybe portrayed in the media can be biased, can be subject to some level of speculation, and that the best place to resolve our differences is in a courtroom.

Either way, we offer a free confidential consultation.

We have experience handling media cases, the high profile cases, and we’re more than willing to answer any questions you might have, and hopefully provide somewhat of a buffer between you, TV, internet, newspapers, anything that is published about you and your case.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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