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Living in Limbo



Powers Law Firm PA is pleased to host a soft opening of Living in Limbo 

Where:  Powers Law Firm PA – Concord, NC

When:  Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Time:  5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.



Living in Limbo is a series of images which examine transitional, transformational, liminal space, and experience – J. Nickerson 


In the summer of 2016 John Nickerson traveled to Thessaloniki, Greece and was granted remarkable access to a refugee camp located inside the city’s seaport.







The camp was little more than a disused warehouse on a dock filled with bunk beds. All the refugees in this camp were from Syria and had already been granted asylum in the European Union. But they did not know where the EU would send the to build new lives.





They did not know which language they would have to learn, which schools their children will attend, which culture they will be living in or even if they will be welcome in their new home. They could be sent anywhere inside the European Union.





Living in Limbo is a series of images which examine transitional, transformational, liminal space and experience.

The chapters of our lives are marked transitional events. Liminality is the space inside the transition. Where we are no longer what we were and are not yet what will we will be. Living in Limbo is not only about the experience of people half way around the world.

It is also about us and our lives, about how we navigate our own liminal spaces, both for ourselves and for others.




Living in Limbo hosted by Powers Law Firm PA

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