When Kids Make Adult Mistakes

When Kids Make Adult Mistakes

Modified Transcript for Hearing Impaired of “When Kids Make Adult Mistakes”

When a young one, a loved one normally, is cited or charged or arrested with an offense, we’ll oftentimes, seems more often than not, actually get the call either the day of court or the night before court because junior hasn’t wanted to share with their parents or their guardians that they’ve been in some trouble.

Indeed, junior may not realize that that citation for a curfew violation or an alcohol possession violation it’s really all that serious.

We get this with speeding tickets and traffic offenses as well.

. . .Close your eyes, maybe take a deep breath, and realize it’s part of growing up, it’s part of learning


Fast Approaching or Missed Court Appearances:

  • Address Court First
  • When Is Court?
  • Where Is Court?
  • When Was Court?
  • Is there an outstanding¬†Order for Arrest OFA?
  • Is there an Order of Forfeiture of Surety or Bonds?
  • Has an FTA Failure to Appear been issued?

Then Address Causes and Options:

  • Trial
  • Deferral Program
  • Treatment
  • Community Service
  • DMV Issues

What I encourage parents to do, and I’m a parent myself, is just to close your eyes, maybe take a deep breath, and realize it’s part of growing up, it’s part of learning.

That doesn’t mean that you excuse necessarily a particular behavior. It doesn’t mean that there can’t be consequences for a behavior.

But when you’ve got a court date breathing down your neck, it’s coming up very quickly, you need to address that issue first, get control of the situation, and then start talking about what led up to that set of circumstances.


Some parents take the approach that the child is responsible for their mistakes, “They’ll have to deal with it.”

I understand that. There is a certain level of responsibility that we learn and grow from, but there are other times where parents don’t realize that the state’s not just going to dismiss that case because they have no prior record.

Don’t assume that a deferral program is automatically an option or that the child is eligible.

You may not be aware of something else that your child has done. You may not be aware of another program they’ve already completed that would prevent or preclude them from a deferral type of program.


It’s not the end of the world. Normally these are infractions or minor criminal offenses, but they can have long-term consequences.

We regularly have people call us and say, “What can I do about that underage possession ticket I got when I was in high school or college? I’m looking for a job now. I’m looking for a security clearance. I have some military issues.”


Give us a ring.

We offer a free confidential consultation, and more than anything we offer maybe a kind listening ear and a certain level of patience.

We’ve been there, we’ve seen these things, and we’re here to help. Talk to you soon.
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