Modified Transcript of “How To Retain A Lawyer” for Hearing Impaired:

Retaining an attorney should take more than a two minute conversation on the phone.

We like to provide some basic information during initial phone conference and especially for more serious cases, cases involving the potential for jail time or life changing consequences, we like to sit down and talk with you.

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You should not feel pressured, you should have your questions answered and if you have a comfort level and you want to retain an attorney, you need to set forth what the terms are.

Ask the attorney what it’s going to cost, what the expenses are, will there be more expenses, what does it include.

There’s some cases where, if it’s a minor traffic ticket, we can talk to you pretty quickly, ask you some basic questions, pull your record and really limit your exposure to spending a lot of time on the case.

Either way, in the cases we handle we offer a free confidential consultation. We’re more than willing to answer your questions and if we can help you out we’ll tell you.

If we think we’re not your law firm, we’ll tell you that as well. Give us a ring.
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