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Modified Transcript of “Are Miranda Rights Required?” for the Hearing Impaired:

The single most common statement we hear from clients after the fact, after they’ve been arrested, is, “I wasn’t given my Miranda Rights, and as such, aren’t the charges or the case supposed to be dismissed?”

Upon making an arrest, a law-enforcement officer must:

Reasonable Doubt A reasonable doubt is a doubt based on reason and common sense arising out of some or all of the evidence that has been presented, or lack or insufficiency of the evidence as the case may be. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is proof that fully satisfies or entirely convinces you of the defendant’s guilt.

Legal Reference Materials:  NC Judicial College Jury Instructions Notebook Materials

Modified Transcript of “Reasonable Doubt in Charlotte” for the Hearing Impaired:

Modified Transcript of “How To Retain A Lawyer” for Hearing Impaired:

Retaining an attorney should take more than a two minute conversation on the phone.

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