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If you have a legal matter and Googled, “Lawyers Near Me,” we have you covered.  At the Powers Law Firm PA, attorney Chris Beddow practices law in both South Carolina and North Carolina.  If you’re looking for lawyers in Rock Hill, he’s here to help during your time of need!

We maintain an office location in York County, South Carolina (by appointment only) to make it easy for people seeking legal representation for DUI charges, allegations of criminal charges, felony or misdemeanor charges, and other legal matters.

In cases involving criminal defense, our law office provides a FREE CASE EVALUATION.  That means it doesn’t cost anything to call our office, ask legal questions, and see if our defense lawyers are available to help.  Everything you tell lawyers in South Carolina, both for a civil case or criminal case, are strictly confidential.  Lawyers keep secrets.  They don’t share what you tell them as part of the attorney-client privilege.

Our goal is to meet clients at their point of need.  We understand the legal system, especially allegations of criminal charges, can be both scary and confusing at times.  Not knowing what to do or who to call adds to the potential for worry and concern.  At Powers Law Firm PA our experienced criminal defense attorney in York County SC will take the time to review your charges and help prepare a defense strategy.

It’s important to begin work, as there may be important documentation necessary for your defense.  The defense attorneys at our office like to gather and otherwise preserve evidence as soon as possible after an arrest for criminal charges, in that memories can fade over time and witnesses may become difficult to locate.

There is no time like the present in preparing your defense to DUI charges or other felony or criminal charges in South Carolina.  We like to roll up our sleeves, jump right in, and begin working on cases -Chris Beddow, Rock Hill Attorney 

North Carolina and South Carolina are very different in the way that the court system works.  The SC lawyer at our law firm enjoys helping people and answering questions about the criminal justice system.

Even the names of things, like DWI or Driving While Impaired in North Carolina is technically different from DUI Driving Under the Influence in South Carolina.  Whereas the SC DUI laws may provide for a lesser included offense of DUAC or Driving Unlawful Alcohol Concentration, there is not related criminal charge in North Carolina under the NC DWI laws (reckless driving is not considered a lesser included offense to DWI in North Carolina).

Chris Beddow also helps people with criminal charges like Assault and Battery, Drug Charges, Possession Charges, Domestic Violence, and Sex Offenses in Rock Hill SC.   Chris was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and attended law school at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina.

I enjoy helping people with criminal charges in both Charlotte and York County SC.  Every case, like every client, is different.  That’s true too for both felony vs. misdemeanor charges in North Carolina and South Carolina – Chris Beddow, York County Criminal Defense Attorney

North Carolina and South Carolina have very different laws, even though the states are so close.  That’s true with legal representation for car accident cases and allegations of criminal charges.

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The lawyers at Powers Law Firm PA are defined by our desire to help people in court, serving as zealous advocates to people in need.  We are courtroom lawyers, experienced handling cases at trial, filing and arguing Motions, and taking on difficult legal matters in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

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We help people with legal claims involving South Carolina car accidents, catastrophic loss, TBI Traumatic Brain Injury, and Spinal Cord Injuries that resulted due to the negligence of others.  If you have a question about a boating accident, loss of limb, disfigurement, or wrongful death claim in South Carolina, please contact Chris Beddow at:

Our law firm also provides legal representation for serious criminal defense matters including murder, manslaughter, rape, indecent liberties, and sex offenses.  The legal consultation for all criminal charges and personal injury matters is FREE.  We will provide a case evaluation for you (or your loved ones) in you face allegations in Rock Hill, SC and York County, South Carolina.  That’s true too trucking accidents, 18 wheeler collisions and claims for gross negligence or criminal negligence in South Carolina.

If you or anyone else has been charged with a DUI, misdemeanor or felony, please feel free to call Chris Beddow at:   803-325-5806

Attorney Chris Beddow is the only lawyers at Powers Law Firm PA licensed to practice law in South Carolina and North Carolina.  Bill Powers is a licensed attorney only in the State of North Carolina.  Mr. Powers is also an NBTA National Board of Trial Advocacy Board-Certified Specialist in Criminal Law.  Bill Powers limits his practice to the State and Federal Courts of North Carolina.

All content on this website and advertising materials of Powers Law Firm PA, relative to legal matters and legal representation and “lawyers in Rock Hill SC” in the State of South Carolina are the responsibility of Mr. Beddow.


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