Do I have to get a Ignition Interlock after DWI charges?

The “Blow and Go” – Do I have to get an Ignition Interlock after DWI charges in North Carolina?

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 By: Bill Powers, Monroe NC Impaired DWI Lawyer and CoAuthor of the NC DWI Quick Reference Guide

Most people have heard of the ignition interlock device or the  “IID” in North Carolina.  The general public may call it the “blow and go” or “in-car breathalyzer.”  The ignition interlock in North Carolina is a machine installed in your car that measures alcohol in your breath and electronically records the BAC reading.  It may be required if you are convicted of DWI in North Carolina and your blood or breath reading was a .15 or higher.

The ignition interlock is not used as evidence in a DWI trial.  There are normally two instances where clients are required to have the ‘blow and go’ installed:  When there is a high BAC in DWI charges (.15 or higher) or as a condition of restoration by DMV”  Bill Powers, NC DWI Attorney 

If you have questions about how IID works (ignition interlock devices), when they’re required, and other aspects of breath testing in North Carolina, give us a ring.  Our law firm and DWI defense attorneys are here to help.


What is an Ignition Interlock in North Carolina?  How does the Ignition Interlock work?  Do I have to get an Ignition Interlock after DWI charges?

The Ignition Interlock in North Carolina is a popular device and is used by both our courts and DMV to confirm motorists are not driving with alcohol in their system.  There are several different reasons an interlock may need to be installed.

What people may not realize is that a Limited Driving Privilege is always discretionary.  That means the District Court Judge or even Superior Court Judge is not required to grant a privilege to drive.  As such, they may set certain conditions, one of which is often the interlock with DWI charges.  Indeed, under the NC DWI laws, if you have a BAC of .15 or higher, it’s required by statute.

On top of having the “blow and go” installed, there may be a mandatory waiting period of 45 days, with no form of limited driving privileges, which is also set by statute.  If you have questions about this or other DWI laws, which can be very complicated, we encourage you to talk to one of our criminal defense lawyers.

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I’ll come there or you come to me, I’ll blow into this and zero, zero.” Then, we wouldn’t have as many hearings for failure to follow the court’s order or DMV’s order as a condition of restoration.

If you like to see or play with these devices, I got all three of them by different manufacturers. If you’d like me to come to your workplace, to your school, to your office.

If you’re a judge or if you’re a prosecutor or a defense lawyer or a principal, I enjoy talking about these things.

I’ll bring out all the equipment, I’ll show you how it works, I’ll explain how it works and I think information is power.

I think people make better decisions when they’re better educated about how our devices work and how our legal system works. I also feel its part of our responsibility as legal professionals to share what we know and other information.

Plus I just like teaching. My telephone number is 704-342-HELP

My name is Bill Powers and hope to hear from you.

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