NC DUI Laws Vs. SC DUI Laws – What’s the difference?

Lawyers in South CarolinaLive in Charlotte NC and face allegations of criminal charges in Rock Hill SC?  Need legal representation for felony or misdemeanor criminal charges or DUI Driving Under the Influence in South Carolina?  Looking for both North Carolina Attorneys and Lawyers in Rock Hill SC?

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We enjoy helping people in both Carolinas with cases in both criminal court and civil court.  It doesn’t matter if you have criminal charges or are considering a separation and divorce, our firm is available for consultation  – Chris Beddow, Lawyer in Rock Hill SC

While there are many similarities in culture and geography, there are important differences between the laws in South Carolina and North Carolina.  Our clients often cross back-and-forth over the NC-SC border, like 30,000+ motorists who commute from Rock Hill SC to Charlotte NC every day, not fully understanding the distinctions in the law.

Who is responsible in accident cases and semi truck wrecks?

North Carolina is one of the few states in the country that allows the defense of contributory negligence.  South Carolina applies a different legal standard, known as comparative negligence.  

South Carolina draws distinctions between DUI Driving Under the Influence and Driving With Unlawful Alcohol Concentration DUAC.  North Carolina DWI laws allow for a conviction with a breath or blood reading or 0.08 (or higher), as well under the “appreciable impairment prong” of N.C.G.S. 20-138.1.

It’s a mistake to assume the laws are the same for felony vs. misdemeanor charges in South Carolina and North Carolina.  Understanding the differences in the criminal laws and civil laws, and how they actually affect our clients in the respective states is important and that’s one of the things we do to help clients.

We face criminal defense legal issues like:

  • How will a South Carolina Traffic Ticket affect your North Carolina Drivers License?
  • Will a DWI revocation in North Carolina suspend my South Carolina License?
  • If I’m placed on probation in Charlotte, North Carolina can I live in Rock Hill SC?
  • Do insurance points transfer across the NC-SC state line?
  • Does North Carolina DMV recognize South Carolina Motor Vehicle violations?

We also provide legal representation for legal issues including:

  • If I live in Charlotte NC and was hurt in an accident in Rock Hill SC, where to I file my claim?
  • What happens in a South Carolina truck accident if the CDL driver is licensed in North Carolina?
  • Can my South Carolina car accident case be heard where I live in North Carolina?
  • What is contributory negligence in North Carolina?
  • Is there comparative negligence in South Carolina accident injury claims?

Helping People in North Carolina and South Carolina

We help people with allegations of criminal charges, misdemeanor or felony including:

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