What happens if I pay my ticket?

What happens if I pay my ticket? 

  • Can I pay my ticket?
  • What are my legal options?
  • Will I get insurance points?
  • Should I retain an attorney?

Paying Off Tickets in South Carolina Rock Hill Legal InfoSimply paying off a ticket may be the easiest way to handle it, and that it keeps you from having to go to court, but it may not always be your best option, especially when it comes to things like insurance points.

Sometimes it helps to talk to a South Carolina Traffic Lawyer.  They explain your legal rights and what happens to things like your insurance. . .and even your license if the ticket is serious enough.

What we can do is walk you through it. We’ll want to ask a lot of questions.  We’ll want to know where you are licensed?  Do you live in Rock Hill and work in Charlotte?  Are you just visiting South Carolina and maybe licensed in North Carolina?

Simply paying off that ticket may add a number of points to your license, which can possibly carry a rise in your insurance rates.  It depends on a series of important different considerations.

As lawyers, we want to review things like your past wreck history, whether you’ve had any tickets, and what happens if you just pay off the ticket.

It may cause the DMV to revoke your license depending on how many prior points that you have.  It may cause an addition suspension if your license to drive is already revoked or subject to some administrative limitations.

Of course, it doesn’t always just apply to South Carolina traffic tickets.  If it’s a larceny case, simply paying off the ticket will end in you being found guilty and showing a conviction on your record.  That’s true for DUI too.


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We’ll be happy to walk you through it, tell you what your options are and what we believe would be best for your insurance rates and license.

We’re here to talk. We’re here to help.

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